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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Will the multi-tiered style dominate the kitchens across the country?

We have been installing kitchen cabinets on the east coast of the United States for over 15 years. We've already planned, designed, and installed various types of kitchen cabinets, and multilevel kitchen cabinets are nothing new in this room.

The two-tier island has been common in kitchens since the 1970s, some say it's a bit old-fashioned and not quite as useful (due to limited counter space, reducing the space efficiency on both sides, narrow eating area and narrow food prep area).

However, there are others who love this kitchen island style, (Counters at different levels are useful for different purposes. A lower counter with a chair can be used as a desk for paying bills, doing homework, or planning meals. Then a counter at a higher height is perfect for food prep, baking, and cooking).

Regardless of whether you like a multi-tier style or not, you can update the concept and to bring modernity to your multilevel island.

As you can see in the photo to the side, the washing area is one level above the countertop, also known as the "inverse kitchen island".

Nevertheless, that is not the article topic. We are going to talk about multilevel in the kitchen cabinets.

Personally, we think this style is sophisticated and adds grace to the room. Multi level Kitchen Cabinets provide aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, a charm and traditional design.

And it must be said that “Traditional Kitchen Cabinets” never go out of style.

They are designed to impress, with feature curves, ornate details and ostentatious.

Many kitchens in the multilevel style bring the crown molding into the upper cabinets.

This beautify the final look of the kitchen, works as a complement to the cabinets adding a chic finish to the edge.

Modern kitchen styles are all about simplicity but traditional kitchen designs lay emphasis on embellished cabinets.

Many customers come into us after already has got the cabinets, regular ones, no crown molding no different sizes, and they want to have a multi-tiered style.

“Is it a problem? Can I still have multilevel style with regular cabinets?”


You don't have to buy different sized cabinets to get this effect in your kitchen.

Professionals installers will measure and install the cabinets in a multi-level style.

Using careful measurement, adequate shimming and secure fastening.

This is a Bodbyn Gray Kitchen Cabinet, with all cabinets the same size, however we installed in multi-tier style. We are proud of this work, the customer was satisfied and that is our goal.


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