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The first time we heard about pre-assembled kitchen cabinets we thought "this isn't going to work".

We have already installed more than 1,400 kitchens across the country and by assembling the cabinets we ensure that they are stable and aligned.

However, what about the cabinet that come ready-made from the factory? Would they still be firm after the entire trip until delivery to the customer's home? And can the quality of the material be a concern as the manufacturer produces it on a large scale?

"These cabinets are from recent kitchens we installed. These photos illustrate how cabinets normally come from the manufacturer"

On the other hand, a pre-assembled cabinet brings the concept of an easier life.

Easy installation.

You save time since they were built correctly and you don't have to figure out how to assemble them.

You save money as pre-made cabinets make DIY close to reality for most customers.

You don't need to pay a cabinet installer to install them.

You can do it yourself...



First of all, let us share our experience with you.

When we installed our first pre-built kitchen cabinet, years ago, we are faced with a challenge.

Initially we thought "it would be great! Not to have to assemble the cabinets", of course this saved some time, however the time we saved in not assembling cabinets was spend to leveling, straightening the cabinets in the wall and floor.

"An example of the work we do before installing pre-made cabinets"

Don't get us wrong, we're not saying that the fact that the cabinets were already pre-built didn't bring any benefit to us, no way, we loved the idea and we still love the idea.

As we said initially, it was our first installation of pre-assembled cabinets and some cabinets came out damaged, uneven and wobbly.

This made our work a little difficult. At that moment we wished to have those cabinets assembled ourselves.

The photos above are not from our first pre-built cabinet installation, they are from a recent kitchen installation. There is a greater possibility of damage to pre-assembled cabinets, transporting and handling large boxes can cause unevenness and damage to the units.

We see some red flags in the statement that "the customer can install the cabinets himself, that he doesn't need to hire a professional installer to do it".

Of course anyone is capable of doing anything, this is not open to discussion.

The probability of an inexperienced person installing the cabinets wrongly, causing some damage to the units, wall or floor, is greater though.

We receive calls from several customers needing to fix a poorly executed installation.

The knowledge and right tools are essential for a perfect kitchen cabinet installation.

There is a lot of work to be done in addition to cabinet installation, such as measurement, cut-out sink cabinets for pipes, cut-out cabinet skirting for ventilation, panels installation, dishwasher surround, toe-kick installation, island cabinet installation, on...

It Scares us when we see some articles or You-tuber or blogger or cabinet-maker etc saying you can do it yourself.

In fact, you can, but be aware that you can get imperfect results or take a long time to do so.

"More example of the work we do before installing the cabinets"

Concluding the article we say that personally as a consumer, we prefer unassembled cabinets for our kitchen.

As installers, we prefer pre-assembled cabinets.

It's your decision.

Assess what's best for your kitchen and think about the questions below, maybe they can help you decide.

  1. Which one is more affordable?

  2. How much time do you have to spend on this project?

  3. What level of quality do you want in the cabinets?

  4. Do you have storage space in your house? (Remember that pre-assembled cabinets take up a lot of space).

  5. Does long warranty time matter to you? (Pre-assembled cabinets have less warranty time compared to unassembled ones).

  6. Is diversity important to you? (Remember that pre-built cabinets do not have many variety of style, colors and design).

Charlotte Cabinet Installation is a professional capable of installing pre-assembled cabinets or not, masterfully.

It doesn't matter what type of cabinet you choose for your kitchen, as long as you feel happy and comfortable.

We are available to help you have your dream kitchen.

Join us and let's discuss this topic.

Tell us, in the comments, your preferences and your opinion about the subject

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Check it out this pre-assembled kitchen installation :)

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12 de jun.

Check it out this gorgeous pre-built kitchen cabinet that we've installed.


05 de mai. de 2022

Check out this beautiful kitchen installed by us on Youtube. It's a pre-built kitchen cabinets installation


17 de jan. de 2022

We have a new project in progress and we are dealing wth uneven floors when installing kitchen cabinets

Soon we'll release a video about the topic. Stay tuned 😉


01 de dez. de 2021

Check out this beautiful kitchen installed by us on Youtube . It's a pre-built kitchen cabinets with crown molding installation 😍

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