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Installing Cabinets before or after Flooring

Many customers wonder whether they should install the cabinets before or after the flooring is installed.

For the cabinet installation company, it make no difference. We install cabinets on unfinished and finished floors.

However, opinion differs among the builder community. We've done some research and listed some reasons below that we hope can help you make a decision, but we still recommend that you check your budget and talk to your builder.

Floor first

Those contractors who prefer to install the floor first claim that:

1 - It's a simpler start, it gives a clear view of the room, it's easier to set everything to the default heights, this can save you having to install quarter round.

2 - Faster installation, as there is no need to cut the floor to install it around the cabinets and appliances.

3 - Avoids the risk of any damage to the cabinets when professionals install the floors.

4 - If you are going to renovate your kitchen in the future you will be stuck in the layout of the cabinets due to the lack of flooring underneath the cabinets or if you are going to change the layout of the kitchen you will have to redo the floor.

When the floor can not go first

Floating floor: is a floor that does not need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor, Because of their installation process, cabinets must go in before floating floors.

Cabinets first

Those contractors who prefer to install the cabinets first claim that:

1 - Save some money. As you can't see the floor beneath cabinets and appliances, there's no need to install them, it does save material and installation.

2 - Avoids the risk of scratching or denting the floor when installing the cabinets.

3 - Wood floors expand and contract with any variations in temperature as well as moisture, so installing the floors just underneath the cabinets would be too risky and could ruin the floor.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, for a cabinet installation company it makes no difference whether the floor is installed or not. We can install your cabinet in any way.

So, talk to your builder / architect, research more on the subject and check your budget, it will help you decide what is best for your project.

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04 juin 2022

watch this stunning white Ikea kitchen installation


23 mai 2022

Check it out this kitchen installation on unfinished floor, cli on the link below

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