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Ways to integrate a microwave into your kitchen cabinets

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Set a Microwave into Cabinetry is an alternative to free up counter space and provide a stylish look for your kitchen.

Having the microwave above the stove or install into the cabinetry can make the most out of the space that you do have, especially in small kitchens.

What to consider before the installation


Want to install the microwave in cabinets, consider one that is easily accessible, do not choose those cabinets that are too high up, unless everyone in your house is a tall person. Certain locations can hinder the proper use of the appliance.

On the other hand, choosing a low cabinet to install the microwave is not a good idea if you have kids around.


Make sure that the cabinet chosen for the microwave installation is easily accessible.

Placing the oven in a place that is difficult to access can result in accidents in the kitchen or disrupt activities when there is more than one person in the place, for example, if the microwave is located next to the sink or stove, it may not be a task easy to use it when someone else is washing dishes or cooking.

Safety precaution

Built-in microwaves are best suited for installation on walls or in cabinets.

However, you can install a normal microwave oven, just make sure you follow the necessary safety precautions. Ensuring adequate ventilation, the cabinet is strong enough to hold it, proper wire management, and microwave trim kit installation (photo bellow).

With these tips, you will ensure that your cabinet and microwave are not damaged.

The important thing is to always consult a professional to ensure the safety of your family

No ideas where to install the microwave in your kitchen?

We can help you by sharing photos of some kitchens we have already installed.

You can use some of them as inspiration.

Next to the Stove / Under the counter

You will have counter space.

Keep the microwave next to the stove, which can simplify the cooking process as you don't have to walk through the kitchen to access the utensil.

If you use a lot of microwaves, having it in a low cabinet can be bad for your posture and cleaning. If you have kids around it's good to always keep it locked up for safety.

Over the Range

The most common microwave location, a couple of feet above the range.

This will definitely save countertop space when it is hang over the stove attached to the kitchen cabinets on the side and on it top.

And it also can have ventilation system underneath, with

exhaust functionality.

These kind of microwaves have hoods with fans that ventilate both indoors and outdoors to remove smoke and grease from the air before being recirculated into the room or sent through an external vent.

Microwave / Oven Cabinet

A neat solution, oven/microwave cabinet. It keep the appliance together in the cabinetry and provide generous and versatile storage with drawers, shelves, etc

Installed in the Kitchen Island:

This installation method gives a clean, seamless built-in look. It is not necessary to have a microwave drawer for this, you can install a regular microwave in the kitchen island cabinets. In the first photo below is an example of this.

This method can also have the same issues as the bellow the Counter method but is the most visually appealing.

There are many options available for integrating the microwave into kitchen cabinets. Choose the method that best fits your room layout and meets your family's needs.

Join the conversation, in the video below you will watch one of our projects, installing microwave into the kitchen island.

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